New OSRS skill may be coming in 2022 or 2023

It's up to the players to decide!

OSRS hasn’t had a new skill in so long! Some people don’t like the idea of changing the game while others are extremely excited to start working on a completely new skill that will be a part of their favorite game.

1. Is there a new skill coming to Old School Runescape?

It will be polled and if more than 70% of players vote for a new skill, a new skill will be coming.

2. What skill is going to be added to OSRS?

The community will be asked to vote to decide if they want a skill that is related to combat, gathering, or production to make sure the players are getting what they want.

3. How will the new skill and its mechanics be decided?

Every step of the way, Jagex is going to take a poll from the players to decide what to do next. This ensures that the strong majority of active players decide what will be coming into the game next.