What are the Most Expensive Items in OSRS?

Like any free market, Runescape is no different. The prices of items go up through supply and demand. It's that simple! As supply goes up and the demand stays the same, the cost of the items will go down, while if the market goes up and the supply stays the same, the prices go up. Imagine both occur equally at the same time? The cost would remain the same. The players have decided what items are worth in our little virtual economy. When writing this article, below are the most expensive items in OSRS.

1 - 3rd Age Pickaxe - 2,147M

Starting off this list is the 3rd Age Pickaxe due to its rarity. This pickaxe is obtained by completing a master clue, which takes a lot of time and requirements. Once you meet it, the chances of receiving this item are 1/313,168. That's 0.00000319%. Buying one will set you back a max cash stack which is just insane for a pickaxe that is slightly better than dragon.

2 - 3rd Age Druidic Top - 2,147M  

This is one of the most expensive pieces of clothing you can buy on OSRS but you will look rich AF. Most people won't even know what you're wearing if they see it. Like the 3rd Age Pickaxe, it is also obtained through master clues, and the chance of receiving it is 1/313,168. To put this number into perspective, let's say that the average clue takes 2 hours to complete. That would be over 616,000 hours which is equivalent to 70 Years. You can spend your whole time trying and may not get one unless you buy it.

3 - 3rd Age Druidic Bottom - 2,147M

What good is the top without the bottom? Being just as rare as the top, this part of the outfit will set you back the same amount of money. Only the richest of the rich get to put this outfit on. For the rest of us, it's nothing more than a dream that may come true one day.

4 - Elysian Spirit Shield (or sigil) - 1,200M

The Elysian Spirit Shield is the best in-game shield you can wear. It cost about 1.2B and has a highly beneficial purpose in the game. It provides high defence bonuses, which can be seen here (image of the extras), and has a unique special effect. The Elysian Spirit Shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage the player receives by 25%. On average, this results in a 17.5% overall damage reduction. This passive effect can stack with the Justiciar Armour set mark.

5 - 3rd Age Bow - 1,100M

Being another 3rd age item, it is no surprise this bow is highly sought after by RS players. The chances of getting this bow are 1/313,168 from a master casket and 1/488,750 from an elite casket. It is not practical to use this bow, but if you're rich, WHY NOT!

6 - 3rd Age Cloak - 1,100M

With the same rarity as the 3rd age bow, this cloak is purely cosmetic. The obsidian cape, which cost less than 1 Million, has identical defence bonuses as this cloak. Only a true baller would consider buying this cape.

7 - Twisted Bow - 1,000M

Everyone dreams of owning a twisted bow. It is the most potent weapon for defeating bosses and making killing bosses similar to slicing butter metaphorically. You can get a Twisted Bow as a drop from the Chambers of Xeric.

8 - Harmonised Orb - 650M

The Harmonised Orb can be attached to the Nightmare Staff to create the Harmonised Nightmare Staff. Its special effect is like no other, making casting magic spells faster. It is the only magic weapon that speeds up your attacks, making defending against it almost impossible. This weapon is highly overpowered in both PvP and PvM. I highly suggest getting one if you can afford it.

9 - 3rd Age Longsword - 620M

The third age longsword is scarce but is the sexiest sword on OSRS. It looks like no other and stands out when equipped. It's not an efficient weapon to use due to its high price and slow weapon speed, but god damn, it's nice to look at. It holds a high ticket price due to its rarity. The chances of getting one from a master clue are 1/313,168, while the chances from an elite one are 1/488,750.

10 - 3rd Age Druidic Staff - 580M

Being part of the 3rd age Druidic set already tells you that this item will be worth a lot due to its rarity. It's not really for much other than its cosmetic appearance to make you look rich. This item is obtained from a master clue, and the chances of getting one are 1/313,168.

Wow. All I can say is wow. It is clear to see that the best in slot items hold a ton of value and the rarest items. Taking up 70% of this list is rare 3rd age items, while the other three are best in the slot for PvM'ing. Keep on cutting those trees, and maybe one day, you'll have a full 3rd age drudic set like me.