How to sell bulk OSRS gold when you have 5B, 10B, 20B or even 50B?

Sell bulk OSRS gold?

If you have bulk OSRS gold for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Loot4RS specializes in buying bulk quickly and safely and getting you paid fast. Make sure to read this entire article as there are key main differences when selling bulk osrs gold than just selling normally.

Why is selling bulk osrs gold different from just selling osrs gold?

When selling bulk, you want to make sure you’re doing it safely. What does that mean exactly? Well it is very common to actually get banned while selling your gold and risking more than half your stack if you don’t do it right. Compared to just selling something like 100m, which is very fast and unlikely of a ban, selling bulk is different. This happens primarily because you are either trading, using F2P worlds, selling to accounts that are flagged or even spreading your gold through multiple sites trying to rake in top dollar.

Imagine having 100b in your bank and unloading just 5b and then losing the other 95b, think that doesn't happen? Think again, It happens way more than you think. This is why you need to trust the company/person that you are working with and ensure they are specialized in bulk gold sales. Trust me, not everyone is.

Sell 5b OSRS gold?

This is a great amount and we would say it is the beginning of selling bulk amounts. The biggest risk here is getting scammed and not paid. When you are selling this amount, ask for multiple payments.

Sell 10B osrs gold?

The biggest risk is getting banned, expect to do this in several stakes. Be patient, be okay with doing 10-20 stakes and make sure the stakes look like real losses.

Sell 20b, 30b, 40 or even 50B OSRS gold?

This is when you may be considering selling to multiple sites, DON’T! You may be tempted because one site can pay slightly more but cant hold or manage 20-50B. We see sellers get banned before they can even get their first payment. This won't happen if you use Loot4rs to help with that!

Sell 100B osrs gold?

The biggest risk is finding the right provider, there are less than one handful of sites/people that can even do this. Luckily! Loot4Rs does specialize in this huge amount. The big takeaway is to make sure you are patient. Moving it throughout the day instead of one shot is really the key here!

How do you sell large amounts of OSRS gold?

You want a place that is safe for your account and be sure to actually pay you. With Loot4RS, we buy your gold safely and can pay you as we go! If it's your first time choosing us, we understand trust is important so you can sell it in chunks to make sure you’re getting paid every time. We may even connect you with an owner to ensure you feel comfortable.

You also don’t have to get banned when you sell bulk amounts of gold. We use methods to help keep you safe so you’re still able to play on that account.


What is the safest way to sell bulk osrs gold?

Speak with one of our representatives at and they can explain the safest way to transfer all your gold.