Loot4RS VS PartyPeteShop

Who the hell am I? 

Hi! You're lucky to have landed on this article so you can compare 2 of the OSRS best gold buying site. My name is Parker, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am one of Loot4RS's platinum customers and, funny enough, also a writer. I don't know what you heard about me, but she told me she was 18! I'm just kidding! That was a joke. When Loot4RS found out I was a writer, they hired me to buy from other gold selling websites and compare that website to Loot4RS and provide an honest and fair review. It sounds like the perfect job for me!

The Homepage (Legitimacy test and usability)

I start by visiting Pete's website. The website is clean and gets straight to the point with the gold calculator right on the homepage. Okay, okay, I will give you my money! I also couldn't help but notice the thousands of people who have left reviews. I went through some of their testimonials, and they all looked legitimate. There were also some nice blogs on the bottom of the page that taught me the ways of the Jedi in achieving 99 farming and two other articles about smithing and Runecrafting. I'd consider them guides rather than blogs but still very useful, nonetheless!

In contrast, Loot4RSs' homepage is similar, listing its products and prices. Loot4RS also lists their reviews, and they all look legit. Below that, Loot4RS goes into giving me some deets about their loyalty program. (I already know what it is, and boy is it good, I'll get into that soon) They also presented their blogs at the bottom of their page, and I bet this article I'm writing right now will be there too!

The Checkout and Payment Options

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I know… you may call me a cheater, but I work too much to earn enough gold for what I want. It's just not possible. Well… it is, but the wifey wouldn't be happy. Some of you might know what I mean. Happy wife, happy life… right… So yeah! I've got to buy what I want since I'm not a kid with 10 hours a day to spare.

I placed an order on Pete's website. The price was $9.88 for 20 million. Which seemed like a great deal, but once I hit continue, my price jumped to $12.35 when I tried to pay. I did the quick math on my handy dandy calculator, and that's a hefty 20% fee. Almost the same tax I pay for my recreational LEGAL ;) marijuana. 

Hidden Fees

I was curious to see what payment option will allow me to enjoy that juicy price of $9.88. To my surprise, ALL of their payment options have fees. Even bitcoin, as shown below?

The lowest fee was over 15% for bitcoin, bringing the price per million to $0.57/M. I don't even understand why they list a lower price on their homepage to add a fee on every option available. I guess it's to bring attention and hope someone doesn't notice? That is a false advertisement, but I will proceed with my order regardless... 

When I looked into it further it seemed like I'm not the only one who was upset.

In contrast, Loot4RS had no hidden fees. The price I saw listed was the price I paid and only had discounts and bonuses applied afterwards. 

Loot4RS Rewards Vs Partypeteshop coupons

Being the type of guy I am, I saw that beautiful little box that said, "I have a coupon I'd like to use", but I didn't have one. I hopped in the chat with a guy named Steve and asked him to hook the boy up with a discount code. He obliged. I got 2% off, bringing my total down to $12.10. NICE! I'll invest that quarter saved into Bitcoin and be a millionaire by 2040. I proceeded to the payment page and put in my deets. 

The first payment didn't go through but only because of my fault for being dyslexic and writing the numbers wrong. 2nd time was a charm, though. I connected to the man with the plan, Steve, and he told me where to go. I tried to tell him I was on my way but got a pop-up that you can see below. 

It wasn't very pleasant because my only option was to wait or exit the page. I didn't want to leave the page because I didn't get my gold yet, and it wouldn't let me reply to Steve until I clicked something. I choose to wait, and for about 10 seconds, it was okay, but then the pop up came again! What the heck! It was driving me crazier than the maple bow scamming noobs at the duel arena, but I managed to get to Steve. I asked him to meet in a member's world, but it was not an option. :( Steve gave me my gold at the super-secret meet up location.

I asked Steve how much gold I was allowed to buy, and he told me that I would be capped at $300. That's like being cut off after one beer, bro. Steve, my man, I'm a big-time spender, and $300 doesn't get me far. I'd be capped by 10 AM EST every Saturday after payday hits if they had this cap at Loot4RS.  

To compare… Loot4RSs' checkout is simple, and I didn't have any pop-ups blocking me from using the website throughout any of the processes. When I put in my email at Loot4RS, I see my status, which gives me 10% off and a free spin on their wheel every day. I love that thing after winning a Saradomin Godsword on looter day. I get so excited to spin that wheel of magical wonders every time I buy gold. Payments are straightforward and go through on the first try. I usually deal with James, but sometimes I see Steven and Peter. Isn't that funny? Pete/Steve, Peter/Steven. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE! 

I met with James on a member's world in a super confidential unknown classified secret location. He delivered as expected, and I ran off into the night, well teleported, to the grand exchange to buy UPGRADES! 

Final Scores

- Pete's - 

Total Price $12.35 + 2% discount = $12.10 for 20M
Price per mill 12.10 / 20 = $0.605/Million
Trust Thousands of reviews
Service Friendly
Functionality Never ending pop up; other than that, user-friendly
Delivery Method Free-to-play trade
Loyal Customer Benefits None
Maximum order $300/Week unless its crypto

- Loot4RS - 

Total Price $12.35 + 10% off = $11.12 for 20M + FREE DAILY SPIN (I won a whip this time) (2.2M)
Price per mill $11.12 / 22.2M = $0.501/Million
Trust Thousands of reviews
Service Friendly
Functionality Smooth; user-friendly
Delivery Method Pay-to-play trade
Loyal Customer Benefits There are too many perks to list, so here is their OSRS loyalty program
Maximum Order $1,000/Week (new customer); The live chat told me that each status unlocks higher limits. I have no limit ;)! 



Though both places are trusted, it seems like Loot4RS is the clear winner here since I can buy much larger quantities for a lower price while racking up rewards. I'm also receiving my gold on a member's world rather than free to play, which I like more. I'm also not dealing with the pesky pop-ups during my order. I was agitated to see that Pete's advertised price is unavailable for any of their payment options. (fees were 15-25%) These are the main differences I noticed between these two leading Runescape gold selling websites. Both websites looked nice and had friendly and quick to reply staff.