What really is the best 1 def range gear to train with on osrs?

If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone wearing platelegs while casting magic spells, I’d be rich.

Not everyone knows the best in slot gear to use when training. It’s important to familiarize yourself with what is the best in slot equipment for whichever task you’re completing to be the most efficient you that you possibly can be and in the long run, save a lot of time!

Being a 1 defence pure also means that no armor will help protect you. It's not important to focus on defence.  Iron armour is extremely weak and any enemy will have a high probability to inflict damage on a pure every hit since the iron defence bonus would be attached to your stats with such a low defence level. As a range pure, it's better to focus on what makes you more accurate rather than what defends you better since the defence is almost irrelevant. You can use a guide to help you decide what's the best place to train. 

The best and most efficient items are obviously the highest priced items. To be the best, it cost the most. You can earn the gold yourself through a variety of methods and slowly but surely getting everything you want. You could also consider buying gold but that could feel dangerous and put your account at risk. Here is how to get the gold in the safest ways.

How much OSRS GP will you need for a best in slot 1 Def Range Pure? 

Here is what you can expect to pay for BEST IN SLOT gear.

BIS over 400M+

  • Weapon - Zaryte Crossbow   

BIS over 10M+

  • Boots - Ranger Boots
  • Amulet - Necklace of Anguish

Earning OSRS GP to get the best items can take hours of grinding which may get you thinking if you should just buy the gold? Buying gold is risky, but If you want to learn more about the risks and how to do it safely, check out this article.

BIS 2M-10M

  • Top - Rangers' Tunic
  • Ring - Archer Ring

BIS under 2M

  • Helmet - Robin Hood Hat
  • Bolts - Dragon Bolts
  • Legs - Black D'hide Chaps 
  • Gloves - Black Vambraces

Quest reward items

  • Shield - Book of Law
  • Cape - Ava’s Accumulator


The best in slot armor for a range pure that have cheap alternatives

  • Weapon - Zaryte Crossbow   
    - Alternative - Armadyl Crossbow
    - Cheaper alternative - Dragon Crossbow
    - Cheapest alternative - Rune Crossbow
  • Amulet - Necklace of Anguish
    - Alternative - Amulet of Fury
    - Cheaper alternative - Amulet of Glory
  • Top - Rangers' Tunic
    - Alternative - leather Body
  • Cape - Ava’s Accumulator (requires quest)
    - Alternative - Obsidian Cape


Type Item Offensive Range Bonuses Notes
RING Archers Ring +4 Range accuracy Can be imbuted to create Archers Ring (i) for 650,000 reward points in Nightmare Zone, 260 Zeal Tokens at Soul Wars, or by using a scroll of imbuing purchased in Emir's Arena resulting in +8 Range attack accuracy
HELMET Robin Hood Hat +8 Range attack accuracy Requires level 40 range; 400% more accurate than a Coif
   Coif +2 Range attack accuracy  Requires level 20 Range
AMULET Necklace of Anguish +15 Range attack accuracy
+5 Range attack strength
Requires level 75 Hitpoints; 50% more accurate than a fury or glory and gives 1 or 2 higher max hits because of the ranged strength bonus it has
  Amulet of Fury +10 Range attack accuracy Offers defence bonuses that the glory doesn't offer and looks way sweeter!
  Amulet of Glory +10 Range attack accuracy  
CAPE Ava's Accumalator +4 Range attack accuracy Requires quest - Animal Magnetism. Can be upgraded to Ava's Assembler by bringing Ava: Ava's Accumlator, Vorkath's head from Dragon Slayer 2, and 75 Mithril Arrows resulting in +8 Range attack bonus
  Obsidian Cape +0 Range attack accuracy Has defence bonuses and no requirements
WEAPON Zaryte Crossbow +110 Range attack accuracy Requires level 80 Range; has defence bonuses; has two specials:

1) Special Attack (Evoke) - consumes 75% of your special attack energy and provides double accuracy on the next bolt and gurantees that the bolts special effect occurs if the hit is not a zero
2) Passive Effect - strengthens any enchanted bolts effect by 10% while using
  Armadyl Crossbow +100 Range attack accuracy Requires level 70 Range; has a special attack

Special attack (Armadyl Eye) - consumes 50% of your special attack energy and on the next bolt shot, your accuracy and chance of your enchanted bolts effect is doubled
  Dragon Crossbow +94 Range attack accuracy Requires level 64 Range; has a special attack

Special Attack (Annihilate) - consumes 60% of your special attack energy and can hit up to 9 enermies in a 3x3 area
  Rune Crossbow +90 Range attack accuracy Requires level 61 Range
BOLTS Dragon Bolts +122 Range strength Cannot be used with a rune crossbow or any weaker crossbow
  Runite +115 Range strength  
SHIELD Book of Law +10 Range accuracy Requires quest - Horror from the Deep
TOP Rangers' Tunic +15 Range accuracy Requires level 40 Range
  Leather Body +2 Range accuracy  
LEGS Black D' hide Chaps +17 Range accuracy Requires level 70 Range
GLOVES Black D' hide Vambraces +11 Range accuracy Requires level 70 Range; Spiky Black Vambraces for extra defence bonuses
BOOTS Ranger Boots +8 Range accuracy Requires level 40 Range