How to not get banned or scammed when buying OSRS gold?

(Updated: 2023) I will teach you to buy Runescape gold safely


  • Using companies that operate outside your country, source gold in a dangerous manner, or have agents that deliver to you outside your country is more likely to get you banned.
  • Buying in F2P (free-to-play) worlds is more likely to get you banned.
  • Cheap sites sometimes cut corners and add a lot of risk to your accounts.
  • Buying OLD Runescape gold or RS3 gold from websites is the safest place to buy. Making sure the website has reviews and is located in a safe country to purchase from is very important.
  • Communities and groups are the best way to avoid being banned.  Communities put you in touch with real players that have bought gold safely without being banned.


Is it safe to buy Runescape gold?


The two most common concerns a new gold buyer has when buying OSRS or RS3 gold is a) will they get scammed or b) will their account get banned. I’m here to help answer that question for you so you know how to do things safely.

How to avoid having your account banned when you buy gold for OSRS?

1) Buy gold OSRS from a safe country!

- Make sure the website you're buying from is located in a safe country. Buying from your own country is the best option but if that’s not available, buying from any of the following would be the 2nd best option : USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

- Not only do you need to buy from a safe country but you want to also make sure the employees of the website are also from a safe country. Sometimes websites hire staff from foreign countries because the labor is less costly but can result in more bans to the customers.

2) DON’T BUY gold for old runescape ON F2P

-Buying in F2P (free-to-play) worlds is super unsafe. Most websites that sell in F2P get banned so frequently that the money to buy a bond for membership is just not worth it. P2P (pay-to-play) worlds are highly suggested.

3) Find the best osrs gold buying website using safe trading measures .

Most websites just care about the customer for the day rather than the long term customers. They don’t care if you get banned or not. The best way to find out about a website's trading practices is to ask them in their live chat. Asking them can sometimes provide you the answer you’re looking for. If they don’t really know how to answer or use automated messages the entire time, they probably don’t have a good enough reason to buy old rs gold from them that can justify their safety.

4) Talk with real players that have done it safely. BUY OSRS GOLD LEGIT.

Communities put you in touch with real players that have bought gold safely. Having the ability to ask questions to other players that occasionally buy gold just like you is the best source of knowledge. HERE is the best FB group to join. Once approved you can talk to you about the safest methods of buying. 


How to avoid being scammed when you your buying OSRS GP.

1) Websites care about feedback!

- Websites have the most to risk for negative reviews. Seeing 1,000’s of positive reviews on multiple platforms should help you find a website that will not scam you. Make sure you’re on the correct website and not an imposter website.

Trust Pilot, Sythe, their website, eBay, and google reviews are all great places to find reviews.

Another great place is to check vouches in the OSRS/RS3 communites,  Join this community now

2) No Verification when you buy OS Runescape Gold! FOR WHAT?!

- A lot of people are extremely worried about providing verification which is understandable. Legitimate websites usually ask for verification when their system notices a mismatch in your information or the payment coming in as high risk.

When should you provide verification if asked?

If you’re being asked for something like a License, Passport, or copy of an electric bill, you should cover any sensitive information. Legitimate websites sometimes ask for this information to verify that you are who you say you are.

Providing these photos is fine to provide but it’s important to cover sensitive information such as, a driver license number, passport number, social security number, or full credit card details.

When you purchase gold, usually your name, location, and last 4 digits of your card are provided to the seller already. Giving them extra information that helps them verify the legitimacy of what they already know is okay as long as sensitive information is covered or edited out.

You can normally avoid verification by being apart of a Facebook OSRS/RS3 community 


Following all of these measures will help you avoid getting scammed and avoid getting banned when you buy gold OSRS. Think about all these points the next time you decide to make a decision toget Runescape gold for OSRS & RWT.
Community vouches are the best source of reviews, they often avoid asking for verification and give a ton of free Gold. More importantly they put you in touch with real players that have bought gold safely.