3 RuneScape groups you NEED to join today!


Group 1: Old School Runescape (OSRS/RS3) Gold/Services  - Join HERE

Group 2: Community Giveaways and Events  - Join HERE

Group 3: Old School Runescape Community Market  - Join HERE



Why should you join a Runescape community?

Joining a community helps you meet new real players that you can make lifelong friendships with since you’re connected on Facebook. Ask people questions, like how safe is buying RS Gold? How do you not get banned when buying gold? Or simply any in game questions you may have. You can meet people to PvM or PK with and find any gold or account service you’re looking to buy!

Every community is different depending on the type of player you are. Some communities focus on RWT while some focus on Community Events. Regardless of the type of player you are, there is a community for you!

Below I prepared 3 of our favorite communities to join!


Group 1: Old School Runescape (OSRS/RS3) Gold/Services

Link to the group: Join HERE



1. The community is super active

There are already thousands of members in this group, making it a no brainer join. The size of it means no dull days in RS. Making a post and seeing your comments blow up is a fun feeling.

2. Giveaways Galore

There basically is not a week that goes by that one member does not host some sort of free giveaway. I don’t know anyone that doesnt like free stuff.

3. Reputations

Being that the size of the group there are a lot of trusted buyers and sellers and hundreds if not thousands of vouches to make sure you find the right supplier.;

4. Management

The group is super well managed, you never have to worry about trolls or anything like that. Any people that go against the rules are immediately ejected from the group.




1. Topics

This group is more geared towards Buying/Selling

2. Possible scammers

If you are not careful, it's not hard to come by someone who may want to scam you.


Group 2: Community Giveaways and Events

Link to the group : Join HERE



1. Your RS Family

Unlike the last group this group is smaller and more private. Don’t let that fool you though! The group is super active and passionate, and can be a great place to fit in.

2. Keep the giveaways coming.

Just like the last group, you will find so many giveaways in this group. How can you go wrong?

3. Community

This community is less about sellers and buyers. Every single person that joins is well vetted before joining so you never have to worry about scammers. It is also managed through a central source so you always know it's trustworthy. Every member can basically vouch for them.

4. The People

Getting advice could not be easier in this group. Ask questions about their experience. Ask about the best practices on buying GP. Honestly, ask whatever you want!;




1. Small

The group is small which is a downside since you might not get 50 comments on your post

Group 3: Old School Runescape Community Market

Link to the group: Join HERE



1.Large Community

Lots of RS players to strike up a conversation with.

2. Buyers/Sellers

This group has a lot of buyers and sellers, many of which are trusted.




1. Giveaways

Although in other communities the giveaways are a pro, in this community there are way less giveaways and less of a chance to win, since less winners are picked.

2. Not the most talkative group.

Making a post here can definitely feel like a hit or miss sometimes, just never going to know if anyone will jump in.