How do you get a Free Archer Ring?

Let’s get to that…

Why do you want an Archer ring?

Working toward a Range Pure? Well to get there you want to have best in slot armor to be as efficient as possible. And one of those BIS items is the Archer ring. It should be clear, if you dont already own one, you need one now.
The ring gets +4 Range accuracy. This accurracy increase should not be overlooked.

Why do you want a Free one?

Cause, why not?

How do I get mine?

Loot4RS the company who wrote this blog wants to help your account grow. why? you ask, one day you may need some extra GP and what better way to develop trust, than by investing something into the relationship. This investment will actually benefit your gameplay TODAY. Even if you never buy a free item is a free item :)

Its also important to mention we source the gold safely, we are US based, so you know this Archer ring is getting to you safely.

Okay so what do I need to do?

Its super simple!

1. Join the Facebook giveaway group here (we give stuff away weekly) - Click here

2. Start a live chat and share a screenshot

3. Meet in game and pick up your Archer RIng. Thats it!


Still on the fence?

Loot4Rs has over 5000 reviews across the internet.