Did you get a warning for RWT on runescape? Should you be worried?

One of the scariest things to see in your inbox would be a warning from Jagex about RWT. Your beloved account has been detected being naughty.

How did they catch you? Did Runescape ban you for no reason?

Jagex’s system for detecting botting and RWT is mainly operated by automated programs. These systems aren’t perfect and can result in false bans but they are somewhat accurate. People trade massive amounts of gold and items in game every day with friends so why were you detected to be RWT’ing? You either purchased or sold to an unsafe person or you were detected by a robot. Please refer to this article to find how to buy osrs gold safe

If you truly didn’t do anything against the game rules, you should appeal your ban using this link https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360000867958-Appeal-a-ban. Unfortunately, even if you’re innocent, you may receive an outcome you don’t like after you appeal your ban. It’s still worth trying to appeal but because of their system being primarily automated, you’re more likely to lose since a real person is not reviewing your case.

Should you stop buying and selling gold?

You should definitely lay off selling and buying with the account that received a warning for at least 2 weeks. If you need to move gold on or off the account, use a mule until enough time has passed where you’re able to use your main account again. If you weren’t already using safe sources to buy or sell, make sure to switch to a safer place.

What is Runescape's RWT Ban Rate?

Every day, tens of thousands of people are buying and selling Runescape Gold. The black market for this gold is vast and it's always been very active since the game was created. The chances of getting banned for real world trade is relatively low but if you participate in RWT unsafely, you make yourself more likely to be a victim of being banned.

Is Real World Trade Illegal?

No, In most cases, the worst thing that can happen is Jagex will permanently ban your account and you’d be able to just create another account. It is very unlikely to ever be legally prosecuted for RWT.

Is Jagex really cracking down on RWT?

Jagex has always made this threat once a year but people believe something is different this time. Jagex is using this automated warning message to deter players from breaking the rules. It’s a good strategy but it hasn’t stopped the hundreds of billions of gold being moved around every single day. Once people realize that all they have to do is choose safe places to buy or sell their gold, the threat becomes old news.