NEX is back on OSRS! What you need to know.

Are you ready to get onto the Nex level?

Nex is back in Old School Runescape 10 years later. I'm sure a lot of you remember her. She was the boss I could never beat alone that dropped the highly overpowered gear back in the day. Nex will be returning to OSRS in January 2022. A new years gift to us all! If you got rushed by someone in Torva or Virtus... you knew you were about to have a bad time.

What requirements will be needed to fight Nex?

You'll have to have completed desert treasure to enter her prison beneath the god wars dungeon. There will also be a small mini-quest so you can open the Frozen Door. Once inside, you'll have to fight an army of NPC's with a team of up to 80 people before reaching Nex yourself. If you manage to kill her, you get a chance at some juicy loot and new best in slot items. If you are worried you do not have the right gear to fight her, you may consider buying gold osrs.

What are the chances of getting an item when you're on a team?

Defeating Nex gives every person on the team a chance to get a high ticket reward. The higher-performing players will be bagging more loot, though. The MVP of the kill will also get an additional BONUS! Oh my. This is not how I remember it back in 2011!

What are the best rewards you can get from defeating Nex?

Nex Rewards (2).png

1) Ancient Godsword - This is exciting! We haven't seen a new Godsword in a long time! It will have the exact requirements, attack, and strength bonus as other Gods words, but its unique traits will be its special attack and its look! The special attack called blood sacrifice would take 50% of your spec bar and has double the accuracy while also dealing 10% more damage. On top of that, an 8-second timer will begin, and once 8 seconds run out, the target will be dealt with 20 damage, and you will recover 20 damage! I'm excited to see how players optimize this in their gameplay. What are your thoughts?

2) Zaryte Bow - requiring 80 Range and firing up to Dragon Arrows, has a special effect that uses charges. The special attack will damage an additional target within two tiles of the intended target in multi-zone areas. This skill doesn't use an additional arrow and only uses one bow charge. The bow will be able to be charged with Nihil Shards, which are obtained by all the foes you fight before reaching Nex, as well as Nex herself.

3) Zaryte Vambraces - requiring 80 Range and 50 Defence; when equipped with the Zaryte bow, the effects of the bow increase to dealing damage to 2 additional targets!

Nex Rewards (9).pngNex Rewards (8).png

4) Virtus Armour (Mask, Robe Top, Robe Legs) - requiring 75 Defence and 80 Magic to wield, each piece of the armour increases the damage of Ancient spells by 3% (9% if you wear all 3). On top of that, smoke spells reduce healing by 30% while wearing the complete set. Shadow spells also will drain the Strength, Ranged, Magic, Defense, and Attack of your target. That's not all! Blood spells will heal up to 20% over your Hitpoints, and Ice spells will have an additional 10% accuracy against frozen targets.

5) Nihil Shards - used to charge the Zaryte Bow or crushed to make Ancient Brew Potions. This potion will increase Magic by 5% + 2 and restore Prayer by 10% + 2; however, it also drains Attack, Strength, and Defence by 10% + 2.