New Year, New Dupe! Runescape OSRS Dupe of 2021

January 11th, 2021

The OSRS Dupe of 2021

Most of us remember the last dupe where twisted bows were spawning every 1 minute in a certain location, now known as the twisted bush. With a new year, comes a new dupe. Gold prices are dropping and the biggest buyers and sellers are in the market are scared to have gold. In the late nights of January 10th, 2021, osrs gold dropped over 60-70% in price within a matter of minutes. Everybody was freaking out and unsure what to do next. Will there be a roll back that causes the game to go back to a previous version days ago where all progress is lost? Will everyone doing it get banned? Is there even a dupe going on or is this all hype? Many questions are still unaswered but Jagex has stated they are looking into the issue and don't plan to rollback.

The most common speculation for the cause of this dupe is Soul Wars or Trailblazers. More updates about this to come...