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OSRS Free-to-Play Quests

Old School Runescape Quests are just as crucial as OSRS Member Quests. There are 22 OSRS F2P Quests to be completed for 44 Quest points. Completing quests is not only a requirement to wear some items and complete other quests, but some OSRS F2P Quests are extremely helpful in gaining some initial levels, so it’s a good idea to look at all OSRS free quests rewards to see what is most beneficial to you. 


OSRS Free to Play Quest Guide

Using an OSRS f2p quest guide is extremely helpful to make your questing efficient and easy. Imagine the players who completed quests without an OSRS f2p quest guide. That must have been tough! 

OSRS F2P Easiest to Hardest Quests

Have you ever wondered about the best order to do OSRS F2P Quests? The best thing to do is to first look at the OSRS Quest rewards to decide if some OSRS Quests have priority. Below is a list if you just want to go in order from easiest to hardest. 

List of OSRS F2P Easiest to Hardest Quests 

1. Cook’s Assistant

2. Sheep Shearer

3. Ernest, the Chicken 

4. Doric’s Quest 

5. Witch’s Potion 

6. Goblin Diplomacy 

7. Pirate’s Treasure

8. X Marks The Spot

9. Demon Slayer

10. The Restless Ghost

11. Romeo and Juliet

12. Shield of Arrav

13. Imp Catcher

14. Prince Ali Rescue

15. Rune Mysteries

16. Misthalin Mystery

17. Below Ice Mountain

18. Vampyre Slayer

19. Black Knights’ Fortress

20. The Corsair Curse

21. The Knight’s Sword

22. Dragon Slayer I

OSRS F2P Quests for Pures

If you’re a player with a pure account and want to maintain level 1 Prayer and 1 Defence, the quests you want to avoid are Restless Ghost (Prayer exp) and Dragon Slayer I (Defence exp). Some OSRS F2P Quests give exp in Attack (Vampyre Slayer) and Magic (Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher), but most pures don’t mind a bit of Attack and Magic exp.