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OSRS Member Quests

OSRS Quests are extremely important for your overall gameplay. They unlock many necessary items, spellbooks, achievements, and more. Knowing what OSRS Member Quests to do first makes you more efficient in the long run in achieving your OSRS goals. There are a total of 119 Quests offering 224 Quest Points once completed. 


OSRS Member Quests No Requirements

Some of the best and easiest OSRS member quests don't have requirements. For example, Waterfall Quest is a quick quest that can boost you from level 1 Attack and Strength to level 30. This quest saves you hours of hand training to those same levels. Looking at the rewards of OSRS Member Quests with no requirements is a brilliant idea when starting your OSRS journey. They're usually the best OSRS member quests to do first.