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OSRS Fire Cape

Have you ever wanted an OSRS Fire Cape and want to use something other than an OSRS Fire Cape Service or guide? What is the proper Firecape setup or what requirements do you need for the firecape? 


The OSRS Firecape

The Fire Cape on OSRS is one of the best-in-slot capes in the game. To get it, you have to defeat TzTok-Jad. Achieved by many but failed by many more, OSRS Firecape services and guides have become helpful tools for people who panic in the TzHaar Fight Cave. Jad can hit a 95 with Magic and 97 with Range, so paying attention to your Prayer switches is vital. There are 63 total waves of monsters to earn a Fire Cape. 


Bonuses from OSRS Fire Cape


+1 in all Attack Styles

+11 in all Defence Styles

+4 in Strength

+2 in Prayer


What can you do with an OSRS Fire Cape?


- Wear it for some of the best bonuses from a cape. 

- Exchange it outside the TzHaar Fight cave for another chance at getting the OSRS Jad pet. 

- Sacrifice to TzHaar-Ket-Keh to enter the Inferno and improve to an Infernal Cape.


OSRS Fire Cape Stats, Requirements, and Setup


Fire Cape Recommended Stats and Requirements - 75 or higher Range and 43 or higher Prayer : This allows you to use a strong enough range attack from a distance to avoid most attacks while also using prayer to protect you from other attacks. It is possible to do OSRS Fire Capes with lower stats yourself or through an OSRS Fire Cape Service, but it is more complex and time-consuming. 


Fire Cape Setup: OSRS Fire Capes can be done with various setups. The critical thing to have is a decent-range weapon, such as a rune crossbow or better. The armor matters as long as you're good at Prayer switching. Besides the weapon, you're trying to maximize your Range and Prayer Bonus. You should if you have the means and money to use the best armor. 


Your inventory should have a few Saradomin Brews, a Range Potion, a few of the best food, Purple Sweets, and Super Restores. Super Restores are essential to maintaining your protection prayers. Purple Sweets are a stackable food that doesn't heal much but allows you to get to total hit points in no hurry when you're behind a wall. The Saradomin Brews, food and Range potion are meant to be Jad at the end to make it easier to kill him and recover your health if you're struck.