Loot4RS VS Food4RS

Who the hell am I? 

Hi! You're lucky to have landed on this article so you can compare 2 of the OSRS best gold buying sites. My name is Parker, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am one of Loot4RS's platinum customers and, funny enough, also a writer. I don't know what you heard about me, but she told me she was 18! I'm just kidding! That was a joke. When Loot4RS found out I was a writer, they hired me to buy from other gold selling websites and compare that website to Loot4RS and provide an honest and fair review. It sounds like the perfect job for me!

The Homepage (Legitimacy test and usability)

These two leading OSRS websites almost have the same name. Just two letters apart! I started by visiting Food4RS for the first time.

The website was simple and listed their price right on the homepage. They had a sweet offer that said 5% cashback on every order over $50. The price was a bit steep to start, but 5% cashback is something back in my pocket. 

They had some useful blogs and reviews, which made me feel confident in purchasing with them. 

At the time of creating this article, I pulled up Loot4RS so I can do a side by side comparison. 

Food4RS Price - $0.65/Million for OSRS; $0.11/Million for RS3
Loot4RS Price - $0.59Million for OSRS; $0.088/Million for RS3

The Checkout and Payment Options

Before buying my weekly dose of doctor-prescribed Runescape gold, I asked the live chat on Food's website what the max order size was. I'm not an ordinary buyer, and I was continually cut off too soon until I discovered Loot4RS, which allows me to buy whatever amount I want. Eric told me the maximum I can buy on their site was only $500 per week. 

I went ahead and placed an order of Runescape gold on both websites. Both websites took my payment seamlessly. Loot4RS always delivers on a member's world, so I asked if Food could do the same, and they said yes. I always prefer members trades because why would 100's of millions of gold be traded in a free to play world when the most expensive item is like 10M. Maybe that's just me, but I think it's sketchy.

Loot4RS meets in the exact location on different worlds so that I could get my gold instantly. Loot4RS stays well equipped with the gold I need in an instant. On Food, Eric told me it would take 5-10 minutes and then he'll disclose the secret location to me. 

A few bites of scrambled eggs later, Eric told me where to go. I went to the destination and informed him I arrived. A few moments later, he handed over the goods—both websites delivered as expected. 

Hidden Fees

I also want to mention that on Food4RS, there was a processing fee, while on Loot4RS, they do not apply any fees at checkout. 

Final Scores

- Food - 

Total Price  $9.75 + $0.44 processing fee = $10.19  for 15M
Price per mill Price per mill - $10.19 / 15M = $0.6793/Million
Trust Thousands of reviews
Service Friendly, small delay for delivery
Functionality Smooth, user-friendly
Delivery Method Pay to play trade
Loyal Customer Benefits None
Maximum order $500/Week


Total Price - $50.70 + $2.28 processing fee = $52.98 for 78M
+ BONUS cashback $2.65 / $0.65/M = 4.07M
78M + 4.07M = = 82.07M TOTAL

Price per mill - $52.98 / 82.07M = $0.6455/Million after all bonuses


- Loot4RS - 


Total Price $10.19 + $0 processing fee = $10.19 for 17.28M
Price per mill $10.19 / 17.28M = $0.5897/Million
Trust Thousands of reviews
Service Friendly
Functionality Smooth; user-friendly
Delivery Method Pay-to-play trade
Loyal Customer Benefits There are too many perks to list, so here is their OSRS loyalty program
Maximum Order $1,000/Week (new customer); The live chat told me that each status unlocks higher limits. I have no limit ;)! 

IF YOU WERE GOLD STATUS (which isn’t even the highest tier!)
Total price - $52.98 + $0 processing fee = $52.98 for 94.53M + FREE SPIN (let's say 2.2M)
Price per mill - $52.98 / 96.73M = $0.5477/Million



Though both places are trusted, it seems like Loot4RS is the clear winner. The price for a new customer is lower, and loyal customers only get better deals with Loot4RS. On the other hand, Food offers 5% cashback on orders, but the higher price and no future loyal customer benefits cannot outweigh the significance of Loot4RSs' loyalty program. The processing fee Food adds almost counteracts the cashback since the fee was about 4.3% for my purchase. In both examples, I receive more gold with Loot4RS + future perks and benefits. I used their 2nd highest tier status, for example, #2. If I had used the highest tier status, it would have been even juicier.