Everything to know about Zezima 2021

July 11th, 2021

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Who is zezima?

You might be asking yourself who is Zezima and why is he so famous? Zezima who is known outside of Runescape as Peter Zezima is a celebrity to every long time runescape player. He was the highest ranked player for years between 2004-2007. This is primarily due to his religious playing of Runescape when the game was extremely popular. He was the first player to ever attain 99 slayer. Some people thought he was dead after losing his #1 rank but as far as what is public, he is very much alive.

Does Zezima still play Runescape? 

Zezima does still play runescape but not as much as he once did. He streams often on https://www.twitch.tv/zezima a variety of different games. 

Seeing Zezima in the game felt like you’ve been star struck. Anywhere he appeared would create a mob of hundreds of people following him like he is a god, which he was to most of us. He was an idol at the time. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you will run into Zezima.

Ever wondered what Peter Zezima looks like in a real life photo?

Below you can find a very old photo of him: